The client’s “old” data acquisition system proved to be unreliable for measuring key parameters and was not flexible enough to grow within the company’s new requirements. Mogile Technologies was called upon to propose a turnkey solution while training the client’s staff to use this new data logging solution. Three different approaches were proposed to the client. The client chose to go with an NI CompactDAQ platform to ensure that it would be easy for them to add new input and output as their requirements changed. We developed a turnkey data acquisition software built on LabVIEW to complement the NI data logging hardware purchased by the client. Mogile nested the client’s DAQ and associated modules in a custom waterproof portable enclosure to make sure the system could easily be transported to different test stations and would not be affected by the wet and humid test environment.

Hardware: NI Ethernet Compact-DAQ system, Analog Input Module, Digital Input Module, Relay Control Module

Software: LabVIEW, NI-DAQmx