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How am I going to make these decisions?

  • You don’t have time gathering all the infrastructure data from all the sources online and offline?
  • You don’t want to analyze and process thousands of different station descriptions to extract exactly what you need to know to make your decisions?
  • How are you going to make sure all the data is accurate?  You won’t go on the ground and check over 40,000 stations in North America!
  • Even if you had the best and most accurate database of all the charging stations, you don’t have the time or the expertise to mine the database and extract exactly the report you need to present.

I wish a report would appear in my inbox

What if you could get the exact data you are looking for, directly in your inbox, without doing any data gathering and mining?  You could present the precise, accurate numbers that have been checked by an army of active EV drivers on the ground.  You could make the best decisions based on the real data.

Custom Infrastructure Report

Mogile Technologies can provide the most up-to-date electric vehicle charging infrastructure data curated by experts along with thousands of EV drivers throughout North America. Our rigorous database process is used to ensure the highest quality information.

Data can be presented in chart, table or map format* (depending on the nature of the data). We can offer data segmented across provinces, states or countries, by network and much more.

Here is a sample of reports available through Chargehub’s business solutions:

  1. Overview by connector (USA and Canada)
  2. Top 10 DC Fast locations
  3. Data for DC Fast locations
  4. Top 10 L2 locations
  5. Data for L2 locations
  6. Comparison reports for DC Fast and L2
  7. DC Fast connector market share
  8. Tesla, CHAdeMO and SAE connector maps
Charging Station Data Reports

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