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The public infrastructure is growing at a very rapid rate.  Our database is updated daily so you get the most up to date information available.


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These numbers are public Level 2 and DCFast ports currently installed in the US and Canada.  This data is taken directly from our database.  Just refresh the page to see the up-to-date numbers.  Feel free to quote this number in your publications and tweet at us #EVChargeHub!

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ChargeHub can provide the most up-to-date electric vehicle charging infrastructure data curated by experts along with thousands of EV drivers throughout North America. Our rigorous database process is used to ensure the highest quality information.

Data can be presented in chart, table or map format* (depending on the nature of the data). We can offer data segmented across provinces, states or countries or by network.

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Integrate the best infrastructure data directly into your own product using an application programmer interface.  This gives your development team the most flexibility.

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Want your users to see a map of charging stations on your own website?  Do you want this map to be up-to-date with the latest information?  We have something for you.

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