Partnership Between CAA And ChargeHub 1 year ago

Carte des bornes de recharge CAA en partenariat avec ChargeHub

Almost a year ago, CAA started a partnership with ChargeHub to enhance its electric vehicle charging station map.

CAA, the Canadian Automobile Association, is a federation that provides its Members with exceptional emergency roadside service, complete automotive and travel services, member savings and comprehensive insurance services.

CAA has been active in the EV industry since 2012. In 2013, it launched its electric vehicle portal as a resource for Canadians to learn about electric cars. This portal is part of CAA’s initiative to encourage electric vehicle adoption in Canada. Through this portal, users have access to different tools including a comprehensive national electric vehicle charging stations map.

To ensure the map is showing the most accurate and up-to-date information, CAA began its partnership with ChargeHub.


“Before working with ChargeHub, our concerns were about the reliability and accuracy of the data. We wanted to be confident that our map was offering Canadians the most accurate data available, and to ensure Canadians enjoyed safe and reliable travels with an electric vehicle.”


CAA’s Charging Stations Map

Partnership between ChargeHub and CAA charging stations map

Want to see for yourself how CAA is integrating ChargeHub’s data on its website? Visit the CAA Electric Vehicle Charging Station Locator.


CAA relies on ChargeHub’s API solution to provide the most reliable information to their users. With this solution their users have access to different features within the CAA site and CAA can use ChargeHub’s data to track the number of charging stations in Canada in real time. Both CAA and the users benefit from this partnership with ChargeHub.


“We would recommend ChargeHub based on the accuracy and reliability of their data, and the speed with which they address our questions and concerns. Over the course of our relationship they have shown that we can trust them to ensure the data Canadians see on our map is up-to-date and correct.”



The information displayed on CAA’s charging stations map is updated and verified on a daily basis by the ChargeHub team ensuring CAA always offers the best information. ChargeHub uses a combination of network partnerships, crowd sourced data from its tens of thousands of users, and proprietary algorithms to ensure it has the most complete and up to date public EVSE database in North America.

With CAA’s charging stations map, users can easily find their next charging station, filter their search by level (Level 1, Level 2 and DCFC) and get a complete description for all the charging stations in Canada (network, address, contact information, opening hours and more).


Do you have a project related to electric vehicles like CAA? Are you looking to access the most accurate and comprehensive data on EV infrastructure in the U.S. and/or Canada for your website / app / vehicle dashboard / internal project?

At ChargeHub, custom is our standard. Email or call us (514-452-5322) now, we want to hear about your project and we look forward to helping you.



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