DC Fast Charging Stations Growth In Canada 3 years ago

Over the next two years, the DC Fast Charging stations(DCFC) growth rate is expected to increase significantly. Many DCFC sites have already been confirmed.


The graph above first shows the growth to date in blue, with 8 DC fast chargers installed in 2013, another 55 in 2014 and with over 130 DCFC ports as of October 2015. Quebec, British-Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and Nova Scotia all have at least one DCFC station.


How many DC Fast Charging stations will be installed in the next two years?

We asked some of our Canadian colleagues what their respective growth predictions are over the next two years. The graph’s Expected line (yellow) shows the cumulative estimate from existing and upcoming networks in Canada. The red line represents publicly committed DCFC ports installations.



The numbers gathered represent a good indication of the DC Fast Charger growth to expect over the next two years. Many new fast charging initiatives are brewing all over the country. Not all of them will necessarily succeed and new ones are likely to emerge. ChargeHub will continue to monitor the situation and report on the subject again in the future.

What do you think?

Is the expected growth sufficient to drive more EV sales in Canada?


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